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BLUE SKY VIEW                                                                                        BLUE SKY VIEW

 RADM Michael Noonan
 Deputy Chief of Navy                                          Importantly, Pelorus is not focused on individual
                                                               ships, submarines or airframes. It recognises that
                                                               platforms operate as part of a system networked for the
                                                               information age.

                                                               Multi-domain, joint operations are critical to maintaining
 Plan Pelorus is Navy's strategy to                            our capability edge. The complexity of modern Command,
 prepare for a complex future strategic                        Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence,
                                                               Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems
 environment. Delivering the future                            and maritime weapons and sensors means we must
 Navy will require us to challenge                             acknowledge our interoperability requirements at the design
                                                               stage. Navy’s ability to integrate with E-7A Wedgetail,
 norms, give critical thought to the way                       F-35A, P-8 Poseidon, MQ-4C Triton, EA-18G Growler and
                                                               other mission systems will be essential to realising the full
 we do things, and to innovate.                                potential of the ADF.
                                                                 Navy has embarked upon a powerful collaboration with
                                                               Air Force’s Plan Jericho team to bring this to reality. Using a
                                                               design led innovation approach in partnership with University
                                                               of Technology Sydney, we will move toward realising the First
                                                               Principles Review theme of a joint force by design.

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