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                                                                                                                                  RUBBISH BIN
          WGCDR Jerome Reid
          Plan Jericho                     DR SAM BUCOLO AND JEROME REID,
                                           PROFESSOR DESIGN INNOVATION,
                                           UTS: DESIGN INNOVATION RESEARCH

         AIR FORCE

         BY DESIGN                                                                                                             " THE POINT IS SIMPLE, STEP AWAY AND FREE YOUR MIND FROM TODAY, FROM THE

                                                                                                                                 STATUS QUO, THEN REMOVE ALL PERCEIVED BARRIERS AND RE-IMAGINE A FUTURE

                                                                                                                                 WITH NO LIMITS, NO PRE-CONCEPTIONS AND NO CONVENTIONAL WISDOM."

          What does a haute couture dress    technology is not enough – Air Force   accepted wisdom and slaughter the            commitment to innovation that      complex and ambiguous environment,    NSW Transport was considering an
          designed by Pierre Cardin, a       needs to be agile, integrated, and able   sacred cows.                              recognises complex problems        where we cannot solve new problems   option to buy thousands of expensive
          beehive designed by father and son   to better exploit the capabilities of our   Richard Buckminster Fuller            and then solves them. We took      using old methods.                  blast-proof garbage bins for railway
          Stuart & Cedar Anderson, and a     technologies, systems, partners and   said, “You never change things by             a different approach - to bring      So where is the link to dresses,   stations. That is until the design
          clear garbage bin designed by the   people.                            fighting the existing reality. To change        leading design thinkers and design   beehives and garbage bins?        thinkers from UTS made them realise
          UTS Designing Out Crime Centre,      The Plan Jericho team arguably    something, build a new model that               thinking methodologies to a range    Ever wondered why the catwalks    that they were solving the wrong
          have in common with the Royal      has one of the best jobs in Air Force,   makes the existing model obsolete.”        of our biggest strategic challenges,   of Milan, London and Paris parade   problem. The problem was not how to
          Australian Air Force?              if not Defence: find the things that are   So we did. We built Air Force by         ranging from aerospace research,   seemingly bizarre clothing that few   create a blast-proof garbage bin. The
                                             holding us back from harnessing the   Design.                                       to acquisition reform, and the     people would consider wearing?      problem was how to render the railway
          We are all using Design Thinking to   combat potential of integrated force   Air Force by Design is an innovation      transformation of Air Force’s education   The rationale is simple – step away   station safe and not cause commuter
          envisage a bold and ambitious new   and fix it – ‘smash down the walls’, if   and collaboration ecosystem being        and training system.               and free your mind from today, from   chaos. The real answer was far
          future. We are all using prototyping   you may. Our diverse little team has   prototyped through Plan Jericho.           We decided to go to the source   the status quo, remove all perceived   simpler and cheaper – a clear plastic
          and experimentation to solve complex   been put together with this spirit in   Its purpose is to allow Air Force       of the spring, partnering with the   barriers. Re-imagine a future with no   garbage bin at the fraction of the
          problems. We all disrupt the status   mind. It is set up for success with a   to mindfully disrupt the whole           Australian leaders in design thinking   limits, no pre-conceptions and no   original cost, with design features that
          quo by rendering old ways of doing   direct reporting line to Deputy Chief   organisation through the application of   at the University of Technology    conventional wisdom. Then design    limit the dumping of large items and
          things obsolete. Plan Jericho was   of Air Force and Air Commander     leading innovation tools, and to solve          Sydney’s (UTS) Design Innovation   and prototype a more feasible solution   allow for easy police examination. This
          created to disrupt the way Air Force   Australia, enabling this transformation   complex problems and find and deliver   Research Centre. Design thinking   that de-risks alternative paths to that   also had the unintended consequence
          plans, thinks and operates.        to be led at the most senior levels. I   capability advantages wherever they        has empowered Air Force to think   future.                             of encouraging commuters to re-cycle
            Our aim is to set Air Force on a   feel totally honoured and privileged to   are to be found - from academia to      differently about how we define      Cedar Anderson did this when he   more diligently.
          pathway to becoming one of the most   be a part of this team, especially as   defence industry to the vibrant start-up   and re-frame problems, and test   re-imagined a beehive that effortlessly   We are delighted that Navy has
          technologically advanced air forces    an ex-Army infantry officer deliberately   community.                           solutions by envisaging new realities,   surrendered its honey at the turn   now formally joined Air Force and UTS
          in the world by 2030. In a rapidly   recruited from green to blue to do just   This is not a temporary ‘sugar          designing alternatives and then    of a lever, with no smoke, no bee   in this transformational collaboration.
          changing and unpredictable global   one thing – disrupt, mindfully. I get to   rush’. It is not the latest management   prototyping them. We are operating   suits and no painful stings required.   Together we plan on doing great
          environment, simply having the latest   ask the ‘dumb’ questions, challenge   consultancy fad. It is a long-term       in an increasingly volatile, uncertain,   Conventional wisdom is now obsolete.   things to disrupt Defence by design.

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